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5 More Money Saving Hacks To Try When Studying Abroad

21 October, 2016

We’ve already shown you the various tips and hacks for saving money while getting your degree abroad. But even those are not enough. Going to college in your own country is expensive already, doing so overseas increases your expenses exponentially as well as your chances of getting broke. And in our continuing effort to make the lives of expats and foreign students in Australia (or any part of the world) easier, we present to you five more reasons to maximize your hard-earned funds and keep bankruptcy at bay.




Bring Your Own


Bottle that is.

Because all study and no play makes college a nightmarish scenario, there will be a time when you will be attending barbecues, outdoor parties, and social gatherings. Bringing your own bottle as your share to the affair is a special courtesy expected from you.

But this hack is further helpful when it comes to dining out. Upon reservation of the restaurant, see if you are allowed to bring your own bottle of wine or champagne. If you are, then you better should. Exclusive joints like these are known to jack up their prices, and that includes alcohol. Having your own bottle of liquid courage with you would slice your expenses in half.




Shop From Farmers' Markets


This tip works well for tourists. It will work better for students.

If you love eating out every day, you might need to put that fondness on hold in this stage of your life. Eating out burns so much money. Period. Preserve your salary by learning to shop and cook for yourself. That way, you can control your servings, the foods’ taste, and the ingredients (you have no idea how much salt restaurants dump on their meals, and that’s bad for you). Also, you can practice your plating skills, which is helpful for your Instagram #foodpics.

But don’t just shop anywhere, try to go for the local and farmers’ markets. The prices here are especially low since the produces go from the farm straight to their stalls, removing the middleman in the process. Not to mention, you’re able support the local farming industry. Win-win!




Use your School or Work’s Coffee Machine


For some of us, coffee is fuel. And we could not start one task on our checklist until we get our dose of caffeine. But coffee is expensive, and it is one of the few small things we do not realize ruin our budget. A regular Starbucks latte in Australia costs four dollars. In a week, that racks up to AU$20. For perspective, that amount can already get you milk, cheese, a loaf of bread, rice, and eggs (or you know, basic actual food) good for a few days.

To cut down on coffee prices, utilize the coffee machines or dispensers on your work or school. They are cheaper, even free, and not loaded with sugar that puts a litter of soda to shame.




Go For BigWords


We don’t mean throwing technical terms you can never understand in parties so you could sound cool. We are talking about BigWords, an online resource that lets you compare text book prices from various vendors and on line sellers to let you know the cheapest prices and offers.

If you found that buying the book is still too much for your wallet, you still have your school’s library which likely has all the text books you need (you paid for that facility, anyway). Or you may borrow from a friend who already got past your class. It pays to acquaint yourself with older students, you know.




Interest Yourself in High-Interest Savings Accounts


High-interest savings accounts will let you maximize your money in the bank, especially if you already have a large deposit to start with. But please take note that such option will not supply you your daily allowance, as these accounts rely on compound interest i.e. your money has to stay for a specific amount of time to earn. Taking a job is still the best way to earn huge cash.

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