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Traveling Abroad? Do These 15 Tips For Better Experience 

5 October, 2016

The idea of traveling to another country can put you on a great fit of excitement. You hurry into your room, take out your swimsuits, pack your things, announce it on social media, and you think you are good. The thing is there are many things we tend to neglect whose importance we only realize once bad luck or disaster barreled our way.

Be prepared. Do these 15 tips from the world’s top travelers for a better experience and to avert the heartaches.



Secure A Travel Insurance

If you think travel insurance is expensive, try getting injured while surfing, or requesting for an air ambulance abroad because the nearest hospital is miles away. These facilities can balloon your medical expenditure. Let insurance take care of those.

And while we are on the topic of health…



Update Your Travel Vaccinations

While you want medical attention in case of sickness to be available as soon as possible, you would not want to need them in the first place. Have your travel vaccinations updated to protect you from diphtheria, typhoid, polio, tuberculosis, hepatitis A and B, yellow fever, rabies, tetanus, and other diseases that you might get from a foreign land.



Sunscreen. Sunscreen. Sunscreen.

Australia is rich in sunlight. And while this may be good for active people, the threat of skin cancer is always ready to rear its ugly head. Keep it at bay by investing on a good quality sunscreen after you landed here (they will not let lotions pass through airport security). Buy one with an SPF 50 protection or higher and apply liberally.



Be The Early Bird

If you are not an early morning riser, you should be, at least for your trip. A lot of people get disappointed because the best attractions are always crowded. Get up early and you will catch these places still almost empty and more amusing. You will get more Instagram-worthy shots, too.

And speaking of disappointments…



Keep A Positive Attitude

There will be mishaps and disappointments. Your GoPro will act up. The store will run out of meat pies. You will get late for the bus. Shake them off and laugh at them. These are just temporary setbacks. If you carry a heavy heart from these lemons, you will only ruin the trip for yourself and for your company. Also, there will be good stories to tell in a year or so.



Make Copies Of Everything

Scan, print, and/or photocopy your documents such as passport(s), travel insurance policies, ticket details, identification cards, credit and/or debit card numbers, and emergency phone numbers. Make two copies. Leave your family or relatives one  copy and bring the other as your personal duplicate. In case of mishaps and you lost everything, you can have your home copy mailed to you.



Avoid Eating Out, Shop Local

Restaurants, especially those located in spots frequented by tourists like you, tremendously hike up their prices. And this can burn your wallet quicker than you expect. Buy from the local farmers instead and prepare your own food. It prolongs your pocket money, get your food as fresh as it can be, and supports the local farming industry of the place.



Bring The Right Plug Adapter

Not all wall sockets are created equal. There are 15 varieties and every country has its own standard electrical sockets. Here is a guide to find out which country uses which plugs. Bring the appropriate adapter.  You don't want that iPhone to run out of juice.



Need Info About The Town You Are In? Ask Hostels!

Google might not get its nose close enough to what’s currently happening in the place you are in, especially if it is only a small town. But attendants, helpers, and managers in hostels are always updated. And it makes sense; they live in the vicinity, talk to other guests, and are knowledgeable about the place. They know where it is best to eat, the cheapest bargains, and the latest events.



Secure your passport and credit cards. Always.

You may have lost all your other things, but as long as you have these two, you can survive.



Prepare To Invest for Good Wi-Fi

Unless you are going to South Korea, Norway, or Japan, do not expect your Wi-Fi to speed past 15 Mb/s. If you want a decent connection, you need to invest for a good hotspot device. You may not be able to bring these home, but at least your Facebook Live broadcast while drinking wine in Barossa Valley is crisp.



Put Your Backup Credit Cards In A Separate Wallet

Putting everything in one place, however convenient, makes you prone to greater loss.



To Avoid Them Freezing Your Account, Let Your Bank Know You're Going Abroad

Nothing can ruin your day abroad than finding out you can’t spend your own money. That and foot blisters.



Wear Comfortable Shoes

If you are going to tour huge cities like Sydney, New York, or Seoul, there will be a lot of walking. We guarantee it. These metropolitans are littered with great spots that need to be covered on foot. Take a cab and you are missing a lot (and spend more money). Bring your most comfortable footwear. Leave the double monk straps and stilettos for restaurant dine outs.

And speaking of walking…



Take Walking Tours

Walking tours are a way to learn about the place’s history, culture, and local atmosphere without shelling so much funds (they are sometimes even free!). You will slowly get immersed to an otherwise foreign community, and you will make more friends in the process. That's a win-win.

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