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457 Visa News | 1 July Changes

8 June, 2017

As you already know, the 457 still exists and will do so until March 2018. The 457 program, however, is slowly morphing with various changes being implemented until the new TSS visa comes into effect next year. The first set of changes were the occupation lists that affect all new applications from the 19th of April 2017 onwards. To find out more about the occupation list changes, please read our article here.

The next set of changes are scheduled to occur on the 1st of July, and later at the end of the year in December. To prepare for the upcoming 1 July changes, please carefully read the following changes that will be coming into effect in a few weeks time:

  • STSOL and MLTSSL changes: The STSOL is scheduled to be reviewed based on the advice from the Department of Employment for recommended changes. The MLTSSL will also be revised depending on the outcomes of the 2017-2018 review of the old SOL by the Department of Education and Training.
  • Removal of the high salary English language exemption: 457 applicants being offered a salary over $96,400 will no longer be exempt from the English language requirement.
  • Mandatory police checks: Character assessment in the form of police clearances will now be required for all 457 visa applicants
  • Training benchmarks to be embedded more clearly into the legislative instruments: The benchmarks will remain the same, but with more clarity about the policy settings within the legislation.

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