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What Are The Benefits Of A Partner Bridging Visa?

5 December, 2016

Why is this topic important?


It is not uncommon for partners and spouses to be waiting for their partner visas to be processed without knowing the benefits they are entitled to in the meantime.

A bridging visa “bridges” the gap between substantive Australia visas. So if a visa expires, you are still allowed to stay in Australia until a decision has been made on your next visa. It is the transitioning stage.

A partner bridging visa allows you to stay in Australia until the decision of your partner visa has been made.

So what does a partner bridging visa allow you to do? Here are a few of the benefits.



Your Spouse Can Work Full-Time


Income stream is very important, especially if you are starting to build your life together in Australia. Having your partner be employed without any restrictions and be able to contribute to your relationship’s income pool is very essential in achieving your dreams.

Whether your spouse is an engineer or a zoologist - they will be able to build their careers in Australia. The country never runs out of skill shortages. These are brought forth by the ongoing expansion of the economy and the breakneck speed in which technological innovations are moving. Australia’s pool of workers and professionals cannot catch up because of the slow growth in the population as well as the aging demographic of employees, so the country has to rely on the flow of migrants coming in to fill in these gaps.

Your partner, whatever his or her degree, profession, or specialization is, should be able to find his or her place in Australia's talent pool and build a solid career.



Your Spouse Can Study Without Any Restrictions


As mentioned, Australia is an ever-growing country with technology, career and businesses. Whether you are looking to study to upskill further or looking to change careers or getting your first formal qualifications. A bridging visa will allow you to attend universities. However, International Student fees still apply.



You Can Apply for Permission to Travel In And Out Of Australia


YES. With a bridging visa, you (the applicant) can travel outside the country and still set your foot back in Australia. This is given that you return within the specified amount of time. You may go back to your homeland for a while or travel to other countries with your partner and Oz will still welcome you back.



Your Partner Can Live In Australia with You Until a Decision Is Made On Your Partner Visa Application


That’s right. So a bridging visa will allow you to be with your loved one until a decision is made. Given the lengthy processing time, it is an advantage to not be waiting for the partner visa for months on end in order to live and be with your loved one.



In A Nutshell


The best case scenario for most couples is to stay together in Australia during the processing of their partner visa.

If you are looking to apply for a partner visa but unsure of which visa pathways have bridging visas to allow you to stay in Australia during the processing times, contact us for a free eligibility assessment by a VisaOne Visa Expert.

Otherwise, leave us a comment below for any visa questions you have unanswered.



Please note that this informative article is not a substitute for professional advice. Always seek a professional for Australian visa advice as each individual situation is different.

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34 comments on “What Are The Benefits Of A Partner Bridging Visa?”

  1. Hey there , Iam currently on a bridging visa subclass 820/801. Does this mean when the first stage is processed then I a temporary resident or is that in affect now while.oam.on the bridging Visa.

    1. Hi Anthony,
      We have received your enquiry. One of our visa experts will be in touch with you via email.

  2. Hi,
    I already lodged my application for Partner Visa (820/801 Onshore) and the department asked me to go for medical check. Now, I have the option to get the bridging visa B. Should I get this bridging visa though I have student visa now?

  3. Hi I am currently holding working holiday visa (subclass 417) till the end of March. i already lodged partner visa and automatically granted bridging visa A. Am I able to study a course more than 17 weeks? (The course will start in April which I will be holding the bridging visa at that time)? Thanks for answering my question.

  4. Hi there,My wife is planning to get a Certificate iii for aged care.does she get money from the government or she has to pay the whole amount from the tafe.thank you.she’snon a Bridging Visa A.

  5. Hi there,

    I'm currently under 482 visa and plan to apply for partner visa. I have plans to study full-time soon which means I need to give up t482 visa. Will the bridging visa allow me to study full-time in the university or I have to apply for another student visa 500?

  6. hi im still holding A bridging visa A.and i already enroll at TAFE wich is im eligibility to school.
    now my concern is do i'm allowed to apply a centerlink for my study allowance.?

    1. Hi Delwisa,
      We have received your enquiry. One of our visa experts will be in touch with you via email.

  7. Hi!
    I applied for a partner visa with my son. We are now on bridging visa. Is he allowed to study (grade 1) here in Melbourne? If there are fees need to be pay? Do you have any idea how much does it costs? Thanks

  8. Hi,

    My sister and 2 kids are on a BVA while awaiting for a decision for her partner visa. She has a primary school age and a year 12. Would they be allowed to study? What are their study entitlements?

    Thank you.

  9. I am on a student visa until may and my partner and I (he is Australian resident) are expecting a child in February. When should we apply for the partner visa?

  10. Dear Madam/Sir,

    I've applied to the partner visa for my wife in July, which is on the process at this stage.

    My wife is in Australia on the visitor visa now, which her visa will comming to end within the next few weeks.

    I wondered if I could have your best advice regarding the extension of her stay.

    Many thanks,

  11. Hi,
    My partner lives in Australia and is a PR holder. We plan on getting married soon. I want to move to Australia as soon as we get married. What's the best way that will make this possible?
    I also plan on studying there. Do you think I should apply for a bridging visa or a study visa? Either way I want to convert it to a partner visa.
    I just don't want to stay away from him once we're married.

  12. Is there a part of the process when applying For the partner visa that shows that you might be close to gettting approval ?how much longer after you are required to do your health examination is there for you to get approval of your partner visa ?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Joan,
      We have received both of your enquiries. One of our visa experts will be in touch with you via email. 🙂

  13. My partners student has recently come an To an end so he is now on the bridging visa a waiting for his defacto visa to be approved. Does he have full time working rights ? Will we get a letter stating that ? How can we get that in writing ? Also is he able to apply for Medicare even though his visa grant notification says that he’s applying for a temporary partner visa ?
    Thank you

  14. Hello,
    I'm currently working in Australia with 457 visa and I'm now processing for PR under 190 Visa PR & I'll be applying for the VISA after all formalities before the end of Feb'18. I'm getting married on 19th Feb'18. I'm planning to process my wife's ( to be ) visa as well.

    If all goes as planned above, will my wife get Bridging visa ? If she gets bridging visa, can I bring her to Australia. Also, I want to know, if she can be employed here.

  15. My son is in Australia on Bridging visa A.
    He is from India.
    He got married to an Indian girl in September 2017 while he was in India on Bridging visa B.
    How can he apply for spouse visa.

    S R Attri
    Mumbai, India.





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