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The Ultimate Employment Reference

26 June, 2017

If you are applying for any visa that requires an employment reference of your current and/or previous employment history, then providing accurate information in your employment reference is critical when your application is being considered and decided by an immigration officer.

The biggest mistake you can make when providing a work reference is providing one that may be detrimental to your visa application unknowingly. It can be detrimental when your employment reference has conflicting information, inaccurate data, or misleading claims within it.

So if there is one rule I recommend that you apply, when requesting for a employment reference from a past or current employer, it is to "keep it simple".

The other recommendation I have is to be as detailed and accurate as possible. The most valuable resource I use in my profession, when helping clients with their employment references, is the ANZSCO dictionary. This is a dictionary of occupations that provide comprehensive information that provide detailed definitions of occupations that the Department of Immigration refer to when assessing visa applications.

To explore the definition of your occupation, you can search for your occupation on this following link:,%20Version%201.2

You can then use the ANZSCO definition of your occupation as a guide to make sure that your employment reference includes specific details that will help your immigration accurately assess your employment history.

I have created the ultimate employment reference template that you can use as a basic template to send your previous employers when requesting for a work reference. You will find this template simple to use and easy to populate with data that is required by the Department of Immigration. You can download the template here.

Please note that an employment reference is only one form of evidence to substantiate your employment history claims. So keep in mind, that you may be required to provide other forms of evidence to the Department of Immigration, especially when your credentials are not perfectly aligned to a nominated occupation for your visa.

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*Legal Disclaimer: Please note that this article is for general information only. Always seek professional legal advice in regards to your situation as every situation is different. Immigration legislation changes regularly and thus always, get up-to-date advice on your situation. Lodging a visa application is a judicial process and is based on the quality of legal advice and legal representation you receive. It is illegal for any Migration Agent or Lawyer to guarantee 100% of a positive result as it is a judicial process.

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