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Stop Doing These 11 Things Inside The Plane

4 November, 2016

We have been flying for almost a century now and we have yet to master airplane etiquette. There are still people who think it is OK to make the seat bulkheads their personal ottoman or walk to the toilet barefoot.

Be a decent traveler and have respect. Here are eleven things you need to stop doing inside the plane on your next flight.



Resting Your feet On The Walls

Nothing speaks “entitled” than a passenger resting his/her bare feet on the walls or the other passengers' seats. It is insulting and disrespecting of other people. Wear your shoes and put down your feet.



Using The Toilet Just When The Seat Belt Sign Is On

You have at least three hours waiting in the airport before you board your plane. Use that time to empty your bladder. The seat belt sign is there for your and the other passengers’ safety. Follow it.



Going BYOB

Bringing your own booze might be cool in parties, but not on airplanes. There are regulations against consuming your own alcohol there. You can only drink alcohol that is given to you by the attendant to monitor your consumption. Wait until you land to get to a bar and drink to your heart’s content.



Going Barefoot In The Toilet

The plane is not your hotel room. By taking the trip to the rest room barefoot, or worse, with your socks on, you are mopping the pee on the plane’s floor, endangering everybody’s health. Also, eew.



Eating Smelly Foods

Sure, that chili is irresistible. But inside an air-tight chamber filled with people already struggling with sleeplessness and bland food? Not much. Have consideration and keep the smelly meals away.



Touching the Attendants to Call Their Attention

Believe it or not, a physical contact is the last thing flight attendants want, no matter how innocent your intentions may be (the fact that some of them had encountered sexual harassments at some point only confounds this discomfort). “Excuse me” will totally suffice for them. It is polite and doesn't invade any personal spaces.

On the same note…



Snapping Your Fingers to Call Their Attention

Don’t do this on the plane. In fact, don’t do this anywhere. You are not the King of England. Well, scratch that. The King of England does not even do this. It is plain rude.



Doing Yoga in the Galley

Apart from the Bermuda Triangle and D. B. Cooper, this is one of aviation’s biggest mystery: why do people even think it is cool to do yoga in airplane galleys? Is there some excitement to it? Is it considered a new milestone now? We may never know. What we are sure of is that you are invading the flight crew’s office and you will be thrown out if you insist.



Clapping After the Plane Lands

If you are applauding because you want to give the pilot a huge compliment, guess what, he won’t be able to hear you. Send your compliments through the attendants if you really insist or just say thank you.



Putting Everything in the Overhead Bins

The large suitcase goes to the overhead bins, the small bag and other accouterments goes under your seat in the front. That simple.  Have some courtesy to other passengers by not turning the bins into your gym locker.



Ignoring the Safety Presentation

The flight attendants practiced this presentation  to save your life. Be appreciative of their efforts and pay attention. You don’t want to have that “I should have listen to them” moment when things go south.

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