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Market Rate Salary | 457 Nominations Simplified

19 September, 2015

Question: How do I prove the "market salary" requirement for employer sponsored visas? What is the minimum salary to nominate someone on a 457?

Ok firstly, let's deal with the minimum salary question first. The minimum salary threshold for the 457 visa at the moment is $53,900 (gross base salary, not including superannuation). Yes, it does include tax, in case you are wondering.

What most people struggle with is the requirement of having to prove that the salary being offered is equivalent to the "Market Rate".

There are two ways to demonstrate if your offered salary is equivalent to the Market Rate:

Option 1: You can show the employment contract of an existing Australian employee in the business, that earns the same as person you are intending to sponsor, who is in the same occupation as the person you are intending to nominate.

Option 2: You can show external market rate evidence to demonstrate that the offered salary is equivalent to what other Australians are getting in the same occupation AND in the same location (area/region) as the position. This can include salary surveys, advertised job advertisements, published industry salary rates (award wages) and other public evidence.

Here are some hot sites to where you can find reliable external evidence:

I hope that helps.

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