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How To Get Through The Airport as Quickly as Possible

22 December, 2016

The post-holiday rush is perhaps one of the biggest challenges at the opening of the year. It is where we  all go back to our normal routines after the holiday gatherings or trips with loved ones at another state. It is also the time when  traffic jams are the worst and people rush to the airport  preparing to go back to reality.

But of course, there are ways to beat the surge of people, and get you through through your flight. We rounded up the best ones to help you make it in time through the airport.



Weigh Your Bags


Nothing ruins a boarding experience than finding out that you have excess baggage. This means you have to take out the things you need the least or pay the fee. Weigh them at home beforehand. Do this by weighing yourself first with a bathroom scale, repeating it while carrying your luggage, and then subtracting the two numbers. Take out the excess weight and have a peace of mind.



Bring the Gifts Unwrapped


More or less 90% of the passengers will board the plane carrying gifts. If they are still wrapped, sorry to bust your bubbles, but the honor and experience of unwrapping or unboxing them will go to the airport security, not you. You may either ship them in advance or unwrap them before going to the airport for less hassle.



Check Traffic At Home


Most of us get stuck in traffic because we didn’t know what to expect. Apps like Waze, Michelin Navigation, and INRIX will let you know what is currently happening on the road such as bottleneck, road closures, and road accidents so you may plan a detour in advance.



Leave Home Early


You may do everything on this list but if you leave on the dot, you may still miss your flight. Holiday rush is where the most unexpected delays happen, car breaks down, hotheaded motorists get into a quarrel on the road which causes bottlenecks, etc. Give yourself a few hours of buffer before your flight schedule to deal with these unwanted surprises. It is better to spend hours waiting at the airport (in case you arrived too early) than on the road stuck in the traffic jam.



Check In Ahead Of Time


Instead of spending hours waiting to pick up your boarding pass, check in online via your phone or laptop. Then you are free to do other tasks.



Wear Loafers and Slip Ons


Footwear with laces and straps takes time to remove and put on again, robbing you precious minutes during security checks. Give yourself and everybody else in the queue a favor by sporting slip-on shoes and go through the inspection with quickness and relative ease. Likewise, minimize wearing too many jewelries.

And speaking of shoes…



Place Your Shoes at the Bottom Of The Bag, Foot To Toe


Your shoes can help not only your balance, but your luggage’s, too. Place your shoes at the bottom of the bag foot to toe to avoid it from falling over. This makes your bag easier to grab during the rush.



Have Your ID and Boarding Pass Accessible


For some reason, people tend to place their IDs and boarding passes in the most inaccessible parts of their luggage, possibly for fear of misplacing them. But you are both in a hurry and in a bit of panic to get to your flight, searching for these documents will feel like looking for Waldo. Place your ID and boarding pass inside your pouch, handbag, or wallet. Presenting them will be faster and easier.

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