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Four Jobs in Australia Expected To Have Bigger Pay (And Greater Demands) This Year

27 May, 2016

Specialist recruitment firm Robert Walters on his 17th Annual Salary Survey released early this year told that majority of the professional salaries will remain steady but amiable. But the same survey also pin pointed a very few professional roles who salaries will perform better than the rest due to economic growth, movement from the reliance sector, and enjoyment of larger investments in related industries. These jobs are also expected to have greater demands for the same reasons.

If you are planning to switch careers, consider these four professional roles in Australia.



Finance Specialists

Especially those who are in the audit, risk, and compliance roles. Walters said these jobs will go through high demand this year, due to the rising globalization of compliance and collaborations between business firms, financial institutions, and regulators. Compliance specialists (especially those with experience in foreign jurisdictions) are needed to make sure such activities are in compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

Other roles included in this windfall of occupation demand are accountants with technical skills in treasury, as well as capital management and regulatory reporting, particularly in New South Wales and Victoria. For customer-focused employees, other areas of demand are employees in the wealth and superannuation sectors, financial planners and credit assessment professionals.



Sales and Marketing Professionals

There are 60,000 marketing professionals in the country right now, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. This number is estimated to increase by 100% in three years as marketing swiftly becomes one the most in demand skill set by employers nationwide.

Those who can market and sell complex solutions and possess background and credentials in digital and consumer insights using data analytics are more likely to get hired or be given pay hikes.

The marketing world has seen brand promotion and power shifting to consumers in the last five years, due in part to social media, content-sharing, and word of mouth in the Internet. Sales and marketing professionals are trying to wrestle this power back, thus the constant need for highly-skilled sales experts.



IT Security Experts

This will be very apparent in cyber security, big data and analytics, e-commerce, and financial technology. According to Robert Walters, these skills will experience an increment in global demand and experience an increase in salary bids by 25% in some markets.

Cyber security is a major problem in the country with various large companies being targeted by malicious attacks including David Jones and Kmart, as well as government agencies like the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and the Australian Government Parliamentary Services. A few weeks ago, a $195 million budget was created for Australia’s cyber security strategy to secure the safety of the country and its economic growth.



Construction Engineers

Infrastructure projects in Australia are on a roll due to the pouring investments. This causing a drive in demand for skilled candidates.

Weeks ago, a mammoth $5 billion fund is being rolled out by the federal government to finance public transport projects. This is in addition to the $50 million allocated for reinforcing new infrastructure projects for the nation's cities. These and other undertakings like the construction of dams and pipes, the Ipswich Motorway upgrade between Rocklea and Darra, and the Western Sydney airport, all of which will materialize in a decade or two, will like to hold up huge demands and salary increases in the construction engineering profession.



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