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457 Visas | A Dose of Truth

21 August, 2015

Question: Can you get me a 457 work visa? And can you get me a job?

To answer the first question, “it depends if you have an employer sponsor”. To answer the second question, “no”.

One of the most common questions I get is: Can you get me a work visa?

Answer: It is only possible to apply for a work visa (eg. Like a 457 visa) if you have a job offer from an employer who is willing to sponsor you to work in Australia.

Furthermore, the employer/business must be assessed if they are eligible to sponsor in the first place. Their eligibility comes down to whether they have an established training record (if they have been operating for 12 months or more) and meet one of the training benchmarks specified under the legislation. If it is a new business that has been operating for less than 12 months, then they have to demonstrate that they have an auditable training plan to show their commitment to training on an annual basis.

The position also needs to be assessed if it is listed on the Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List (CSOL) of occupations that can be sponsored for the purposes of the 457 work visa. The position also needs to meet Labour Market Testing requirements, Market Rate Salary requirements (above a minimum threshold) and also align to the worker’s (visa applicant’s) credentials.

All of the above are just some basic things you need to understand when asking the question of whether you can get a 457 work visa.

The second most common question I receive on a weekly basis: Can you get me a job?

The answer is no. As a job seeker, you are required to compete within the job market to apply for advertised vacant positions and successfully secure a job offer.

Once you have a job offer, then you can contact a migration agency like VisaOne to assess, advise and assist you with the process for a 457.


If you are an employer who has found a job applicant that you would like to sponsor, or if you are a job applicant that has secured a job offer and need to know how to secure a 457, please contact us by sending us an email to and we can help you further.

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4 comments on “457 Visas | A Dose of Truth”

  1. Hi Yuri,
    I have got a job offer from a company in Tasmania. I know the company since 2007 when i was studying in Tasmania university. The post they are offering is for business administrator in tourism industry. Now i cant see any designation similar to this in SOL or CSOL. Company is in the process of applying for sponsorship and then have to nominate occupation. I don't know will i be able to get 457, and will there be a requirement of skills assessment? and in case i get work visa then after two years if my occupation is not on SOL or CSOL what option i will be having. your help in this will be highly appreciated.

    1. Hi Ashutosh,

      We have received and noted your details and questions. One of our visa experts will be in touch with you via email.

  2. Hi my name is mukesh Patel from India 40yrscan I get job in Australia anywhere if possible to get for me with Visa and work permit.after than can I apply for PR.

    1. Hi Mukesh,

      We have received and noted your details and questions. One of our visa experts will be in touch with you via email.





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