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841216 - Vineyard Worker


Performs routine tasks on a vineyard such as cultivating and fertilising soil, planting, training and pruning vines, and picking grapes.

Skill Level


Skills Assessment Authority


No caveats apply to this occupation.

Group: 8412 Crop Farm Workers


perform routine tasks in producing crops such as fruit, nuts, grains, vegetables and mushrooms.


    • planting trees, seeds, seedlings, roots, bulbs, vines and other plants using hand tools and farm machines
    • building trellises for climbing vegetables and vines
    • operating farm machines to cultivate, fertilise, spray and harvest fruit, nuts, grains and vegetables
    • spraying trees, vines and other plants with chemicals to control weed growth, insects, fungus growth and diseases
    • thinning, weeding and hoeing row crops, and pruning trees and vines
    • irrigating land for crop growth
    • selecting and picking fruit, nuts, grains, vegetables and mushrooms according to size and ripeness, and discarding rotting and over-ripened produce
    • grading, sorting, bunching and packing produce into containers
    • loading filled fruit, nut, grain and vegetable containers onto trucks

Skill Level

Most occupations in this unit group have a level of skill commensurate with the qualifications outlined below.

In Australia:

AQF Certificate I, or compulsory secondary education (ANZSCO Skill Level 5)

In New Zealand:

NZ Register Level 1 qualification, or compulsory secondary education (ANZSCO Skill Level 5)

For some occupations a short period of on-the-job training may be required in addition to or instead of the formal qualification. In some instances no formal qualification or on-the-job training may be required.

Occupations in this Group

    • 841211 Fruit or Nut Farm Worker
    • 841212 Fruit or Nut Picker
    • 841213 Grain, Oilseed or Pasture Farm Worker (Aus) / Field Crop Farm Worker (NZ)
    • 841214 Vegetable Farm Worker (Aus) / Market Garden Worker (NZ)
    • 841215 Vegetable Picker
    • 841216 Vineyard Worker
    • 841217 Mushroom Picker
    • 841299 Crop Farm Workers nec





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