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342211 - Electrical Linesworker (Aus) / Electrical Line Mechanic (NZ)


Installs, maintains, repairs and patrols electrical sub-transmission and distribution systems. Registration or licensing may be required.

Skill Level



    • Electrical Linesworker (Distribution) (Aus) / Electrical Line Mechanic (Distribution) (NZ)
    • Electrical Linesworker (Transmission) (Aus) / Electrical Line Mechanic (Transmission) (NZ)
    • Railway Traction Line Worker

Skills Assessment Authority



Not eligible if:

Caveat 10

TSS, ENS - The position is not located in regional Australia (within the meaning of subregulation 5.19(7) of the Regulations).

Caveat 23

TSS, ENS - The position has a nominated base salary of less than AUD90,000.

Endorsed Correlations to ASCO Occupations

    • 4313-01 Supervisor, Electrical Distribution Tradespersons
    • 4313-11 Electrical Powerline Tradesperson

Group: 3422 Electrical Distribution Trades Workers


prepare, install, repair, maintain and patrol electric power distribution networks.


    • installing conductors and aerial equipment, and underground cables and equipment
    • installing and maintaining equipment associated with electrical supply such as transformers
    • attending to electrical breakdown and emergencies
    • maintaining poles and associated hardware, and continuity of electrical supply and street lighting
    • conducting routine maintenance on the aerial and underground electricity supply network
    • conducting low-voltage switching operations
    • fitting pole hardware and crossarms
    • preparing low- and high-voltage cable joints and cable terminations while connecting and installing electrical equipment and overhead lines
    • using heavy plant equipment such as elevated work platforms and portable equipment such as hydraulic drills
    • may undertake substation installation and maintenance, and specialised testing and revenue meter installation

Skill Level

Most occupations in this unit group have a level of skill commensurate with the qualifications and experience outlined below.

In Australia:

AQF Certificate III including at least two years of on-the-job training, or AQF Certificate IV (ANZSCO Skill Level 3)

In New Zealand:

NZ Register Level 4 qualification (ANZSCO Skill Level 3)

At least three years of relevant experience may substitute for the formal qualifications listed above. In some instances relevant experience and/or on-the-job training may be required in addition to the formal qualification.

Registration or licensing may be required.

Occupations in this Group

    • 342211 Electrical Linesworker (Aus) / Electrical Line Mechanic (NZ)
    • 342212 Technical Cable Jointer





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