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221112 - Management Accountant


Provides services relating to performance-based financial reporting, asset valuation, budgetary systems, cost management, pricing, forecasting and the strategic governance of organisations. Provides advice on financial planning, risk management, carbon sequestration projects and carbon pricing and provides management with reports to assist in decision-making. May provide insight into cost performance and support the implementation of benchmarking and quality improvement initiatives. Registration or licensing may be required.

Skill Level


Alternative Titles

    • Cost Accountant


    • Carbon Accountant
    • Commercial Accountant
    • Product Accountant

Skills Assessment Authority



Not eligible if:

Caveat 6

    • TSS, ENS - The position is a clerical, bookkeeper or accounting clerk position.

Caveat 19

    • TSS, ENS - The position is in a business that has an annual turnover of less than AUD1,000,000.

Caveat 21

    • TSS, ENS - The position is in a business that has fewer than 5 employees.

Endorsed Correlations to ASCO Occupations

    • 2211-11 Accountant

Group: 2211 Accountants


provide services relating to financial reporting, taxation, auditing, insolvency, accounting information systems, budgeting, cost management, planning and decision-making by organisations and individuals; and provide advice on associated compliance and performance requirements to ensure statutory and strategic governance.


    • assisting in formulating budgetary and accounting policies
    • preparing financial statements for presentation to boards of directors, management, shareholders, and governing and statutory bodies
    • conducting financial investigations, preparing reports, undertaking audits and advising on matters such as the purchase and sale of businesses, mergers, capital financing, suspected fraud, insolvency and taxation
    • examining operating costs and organisations' income and expenditure
    • providing assurance about the accuracy of information contained in financial reports and their compliance with statutory requirements
    • providing financial and taxation advice on business structures, plans and operations
    • preparing taxation returns for individuals and organisations
    • liaising with financial institutions and brokers to establish funds management arrangements
    • introducing and maintaining accounting systems, and advising on the selection and application of computer-based accounting systems
    • maintaining internal control systems
    • may appraise cash flow and financial risk of capital investment projects

Skill Level

Most occupations in this unit group have a level of skill commensurate with a bachelor degree or higher qualification. In some instances relevant experience and/or on-the-job training may be required in addition to the formal qualification (ANZSCO Skill Level 1).

Registration or licensing may be required.

Occupations in this Group

    • 221111 Accountant (General)
    • 221112 Management Accountant
    • 221113 Taxation Accountant





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