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What to do when my student visa ends?

15 July, 2020

I have finished studies here in Australia and my student visa is ending soon. I would like to extend my stay in Australia.

What can I do?

  1. Apply for Temporary Graduate Visa - allows you to work for 2 years in your relevant field given that you have an employer
  2. Apply for a Temporary Work Visa - allows you to stay for 4 years in your relevant field given that you have an employer
  3. Extend your studies - look for another course to expand on the studies you have already completed such as post graduate studies etc.
  4. If you have a partner, you can apply for a partner visa - if you have a spouse or partner that is Australian, they can sponsor you for permanent residency
  5. You can attempt Skilled Migration - if you have work experience in a relevant field - you can apply for an Expression of Interest given that you meet the Points Test and may be invited to apply for permanent residency

What if I don’t have enough time to stay?

You may be eligible for a visitor visa to bridge the time gap between your student visa and your next substantial visa. Talk to a migration agent or lawyer to check whether this is the best option for you in your circumstances.

I would like to work

Work rights will come with temporary graduate visa, temporary work visa.

The Next Steps

If you have finished your studies, are looking to extend your Australian visa and think one of the above options may be available to you:

  1. Send us a message in the chat window
  2. Write an email to
  3. Book a consultation

Disclaimer: Always, always, always get a migration agent or lawyer to asses your individual circumstances and recommend visa pathways. There are a large number of factors in your situation that can open up or close these pathways to you.

Please note that we do not assist in finding you a job or placement. is the best search engine to find work here in Australia in your chosen field.

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