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These Quirky Traits Make Australia The Best Place To Live and Work In

14 April, 2016

Aussies are pretty much laid back people. What with those many holidays and after-work beer sessions. But this doesn't mean they’re all fun and play. Australians are one of the most rigid business people in the world, with very strict work ethics.

Confused? We broke down the points on how Australians roll, both in casual and business/office environments, so you may have knowledge on how to deal with them.


On the Casual Scene


Beer After Work Is Always Cool

After-work socialization and drinks are not limited to Fridays only. You can have beer any day of the workweek once you step out of the office.

No Business Talks in The Bar

Beer is vehemently sacred here. So pay homage by not talking about things that belong to the board room.



Alcohol. Alcohol Everywhere

Since we’re on the topic of drinking, it is not unusual to see an Aussie lunging around chugging a cup of beer. Even Prime Minister Tony Abbott can be casually seen drinking in Sydney pubs.

They Swear. Like A Lot.

In a friendly manner of course. They swear to exaggerate, strike a point, or express humor. Be sure you assess the people you are with before doing so, though. And then just follow their lead.

They Have 3 Weeks-Worth of Leave

Shockingly, Australians get an average of 20 days of leave annually, aside from the multitude of holidays they have. (Find out what Aussies are celebrating big here). Take that, rest of the Western World.


Aussies Love To Travel

Australians love to roam within and outside the country. They don’t care about long flights and the upscale costs (So how much does it really cost to go around the country? Check it out here.). As long as they get somewhere far and enjoyable. So talks about travel is always welcomed.

Always Sit Beside the Driver

Aussies are generally courteous and friendly. It is always considered rude to take the back seat of a taxi if you're the lone passenger. So take the shotgun and have a gleeful chat with the driver. It's much more fun.

Rhetorical Questions Are Normal, Aren’t Day?

When your Aussie friend says “How swell is that?” he/she is not asking for a reply from you. He/she is just saying something is awesome or excellent. They use rhetorical questions to express emotions or fill in awkward silences.



Being Late Is NEVER Cool

With all the beer and friendly banters, Australians are strict when it comes to time. Always be on time. But not too early either, which might come across as over-eagerness.



On Business and Office Environment


Hide Your Ink

If you have tattoos all over, be sure to cover them up. If it shows under your button down, wear another shirt underneath.

No Fancy Hair

If you’re a guy, there’s no reason under heaven to sport dyed, highlighted, or frosted hair in the office. Get a professional cut.shorts-office


Shorts Belongs to the Beach Only

Unless you just picked up something in the office on your way to the beach during the weekend, then that’s fine. Always wear pants or trousers at work.

You Can Date Your Coworker

In most cultures especially Americans, this is a taboo. But it’s OK in Australia. As long as you two are professional at work, they won’t give fuss about what happens after office.

Always Wear a Suit Jacket to a Client Meeting

It doesn’t matter how hot it is. Presentation is everything. (Find out how hot it can be in each city here.)



…And Never Dive Straight To the Business Convo on a Business Lunch

Start with small talks and catching up. Going for the business matters right away might come across as too aggressive or hurrying.

Office Ranks (Almost) Have No Meaning

That doesn’t mean you can get away with calling the Operations Manager “Bill from the Office Downstairs.” It only means everybody gets treated with the same amount of respect, friendliness, and engagement from the CEO to the rank-and-files.

Follow Your Boss’ “Dress Up” Lead

If he wears a tie, you need to wear a tie.


Come to Work, With Hangover Or Not

We cannot stress it enough. Aussies like to drink, but it’s never a reason to skip work. Ever.


Australians are overly happy and professional folks to deal with, whether in the workplace or casual situations. If you think they're your type of people, throw us a message in the enquiry section below or call us at 1300 619 977 and we will help you get there!

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